Episode 033 – The Magic Jack O’Lantern 2016

msgic jack o'lantern 2016

In this episode, The Magic Jack O’Lantern 2016, we bring you our list of viewing tricks and treats to celebrate the season. We watched one Halloween inspired title every day in October and now pass the list and our impressions on to you in hopes that you might find some new scares for your regular viewing rotation or revisit some old spooky favorites. Here’s the full list!

Day 1: Robin Redbreast (MacTaggart, 1970)
Day 2: The Tunnel (Ledesma, 2011)
Day 3: Seven Footprints to Satan (Christensen, 1929)
Day 4: Eyes Without a Face (Franju, 1960)
Day 5: The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales (González, 1960)
Day 6: Peeping Tom (Powell, 1960)
Day 7: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Mamoulian, 1931)
Day 8: The White Reindeer (Blomberg, 1952)
Day 9: Who Can Kill a Child? (Serrador, 1976)
Day 10: Black Christmas (Clark, 1974)
Day 11: The House with Laughing Windows (Avati, 1976)
Day 12: Hour of the Wolf (Bergman, 1968)
Day 13: Sauna (Annila, 2008)
Day 14: Silver Bullet (Attias, 1985)
Day 15: Penda’s Fen (Clarke, 1974)
Day 16: Hell Night (DeSimone, 1981)
Day 17: Wolf Creek (McLean, 2005)
Day 18: The Haunted House (Cline, Keaton, 1921)
Day 19: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (Algar, Geronimi, Kinney, 1949)
Day 20: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Melendez, 1966)
Day 21: Night of the Demon (Tourneur, 1957)
Day 22: Onibaba (Shindô, 1964)
Day 23: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (Newland, 1973)
Day 24: Halloween (Carpenter, 1978)
Day 25: Basket Case 2 (Henenlotter, 1990)
Day 26: Horrors of Malformed Men (Ishii, 1969)
Day 27: Alien (Scott, 1979)
Day 28: Rosemary’s Baby (Polanski, 1968)
Day 29: The Wicker Man (Hardy, 1973)
Day 30: The Exorcist (Friedkin, 1973)
Day 31: The Shining (Kubrick, 1980)

What you’ll find in this episode: our attempt to be concise when discussing 31 films in a single episode, tricks, treats, folk horror, found footage, ghosts, werewolves, deformities of all sorts, and the devil himself.

– Cole and Ericca

The films that scare Martin Scorsese the most.
The history of the Jack O’Lantern.
A photo gallery from Louisville’s Jack O’Lantern Spectacular.
The very first horror movie, Georges Méliès’ Le Manoir du Diable (1896).

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