Episode 116 – The Magic Jack O’Lantern 2019

msgic jack o'lantern 2019

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! In this episode, The Magic Jack O’Lantern 2019, we once again bring you our list of viewing tricks and treats to celebrate the season. We watched one Halloween inspired title every day in October and now pass the list and our impressions on to you in hopes that you might find some new scares for your regular viewing rotation or revisit some old spooky favorites. This year, we went through the golden age of (mostly) Hollywood horror, featuring the Universal Monsters pantheon and much, much more. There were a lot of highs and only a few lows. Here’s the full list!

Day 1: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Worsley, 1923)
Day 2: The Phantom of the Opera (Julian, 1925)
Day 3: Freaks (Browning, 1932)
Day 4: Island of Lost Souls (Kenton, 1932)
Day 5: Ginger Snaps (Fawcett, 2000)
Day 6: Murders in the Rue Morgue (Florey, 1932)
Day 7: The Babadook (Kent, 2014)
Day 8: The Mummy (Freund, 1932)
Day 9: Secret of the Blue Room (Neumann, 1933)
Day 10: The Ghoul (Hunter, 1933)
Day 11: The Invisible Man (Whale, 1933)
Day 12: Hausu (Ôbayashi, 1977)
Day 13: Terror Aboard (Sloane, 1933)
Day 14: Murders in the Zoo (Sutherland, 1933)
Day 15: Supernatural (Halperin, 1933)
Day 16: The Black Cat (Ulmer, 1934)
Day 17: Werewolf of London (Walker, 1935)
Day 18: Dracula’s Daughter (Hillyer, 1936)
Day 19: Cold Prey (Uthaug, 2006)
Day 20: Son of Frankenstein (Lee, 1939)
Day 21: Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (Hancock, 1971)
Day 22: Man Made Monster (Waggner, 1941)
Day 23: The Devil Commands (Dmytryk, 1941)
Day 24: The Wolf Man (Waggner, 1941)
Day 25: The Undying Monster (Brahm, 1942)
Day 26: The Mad Ghoul (Hogan, 1943)
Day 27: The Lady and the Monster (Sherman, 1944)
Day 28: Strange Confession (Hoffman, 1945)
Day 29: House of Horrors (Yarbrough, 1946)
Day 30: The Beast with Five Fingers (Florey, 1946)
Day 31: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (Barton, 1948)

What you’ll find in this episode: Lon Chaney Jr. many times over, recurring themes like the thirst for power, and some new favorites with only one true dud.

– Cole and Ericca

The history of the Jack O’Lantern.
Haunted places in Los Angeles.
Lon Chaney’s many faces.

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