Episode 168 – The Invisible Man

Is there anything you find impossible to watch? Or how about just very difficult? For me, The Invisible Man (Whannell, 2020) is that film. I do have some personal history that makes what Cecelia is going through exceptionally poignant, but even without that sort of connection, I suspect a lot of people find the film terrifying and impossible to forget.

What makes this iteration of a story we know–a woman in peril from an abusive partner–so compelling and relevant right now? I think it is the confluence of historical events, the spectacular performance by Elisabeth Moss, and especially the re-centering of the story onto the survivor rather than the perpetrator. 

I am delighted that director Leigh Whannell chose so adroitly what to keep and what to jettison from the original story. A scientist does in fact go mad and harm those he purports to love, but this time, the woman is the more powerful. Though she loses everything, it is her resolve and strength that ensure she comes out the victor in this deadly game.

What you’ll find in this episode: roughly the first eight minutes at the beginning of the episode where I talk about some past trauma (if you need to skip through), different kinds of torture, and whether threatening children is the last straw.

– Ericca

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