Episode 093 – Female Trouble

Female Trouble (Waters, 1974) is probably not for everyone, but I wish it was. The world would be a lot more fun if everyone could embrace their inner Divine. This towering achievement of trash cinema is my favorite of all of John Waters’ work. I think it’s the smartest, definitely the funniest, and, surprisingly, the sweetest underneath. Through sheer force of will, Waters created a universe where people on the margins could be powerful and celebrated and everyone else deservedly got taken down a peg or two. I wouldn’t blame you if you missed that the first time around, though. It can be hard to concentrate on anything else as Divine rips through this thing like a fabulous tornado – picking pockets, mugging people, breaking and entering, robbing, assaulting, and finally graduating to murder, all in pursuit of becoming the ultimate personification of the unity of beauty and crime. It truly is something to behold. And let’s not forget my favorite, Mink Stole, throwing spaghetti, dousing herself with fake blood while playing car accident, and hurling insults with incomparable élan. Oh, and did we mention it’s a Christmas film? Have some eggnog, get yourself a double egg salad on white toast, and knock the tree over on you mom. A finer yuletide tradition I can’t imagine!

What you’ll find in this episode: crime, beauty, the Balmer accent, cha-cha heels, and which sandwich is the funniest sandwich.

– Cole

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