Episode 096 – Thunder Road

thunder road

It’s something that I always remind myself of anytime I begin to lament the state of the artistic landscape – there’s always someone out there, hustling, making sacrifices, trying to make that next great film. If I am not aware of it, that’s on me. I am not working hard enough to find it. Thunder Road (Cummings, 2018) was the latest discovery to remind me to keep after it, to keep chasing that feeling that I’ve been after since I was a kid, ordering records out of the back of fanzines.

Using his excellent short of the same name as a springboard, Jim Cummings vaults into a tragicomic character sketch unlike anything I have seen in a long time. It is on a wavelength all its own. Seldom has a downward spiral been so funny. Seldom has a comic masterclass been so heart-rending. If you find yourself occasionally despairing over the state of indie film, take heart. There are always folks out there doing good work. We just have to keep our ears to the ground. With any luck, Jim Cummings will be providing his fair share of those discoveries for years to come.

What you’ll find in this episode: the benefits and drawbacks of trailers and the expectations they set up, short fuses, long takes, and dancing at funerals.

– Cole

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