Episode 008 – No Country for Old Men

There aren’t many films more personal to me than Joel and Ethan Coen’s No Country for Old Men (2007). I grew up at the foot of the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma, so I am intimately familiar with this scrub brush landscape and these hard-bitten, laconic plainsfolk. They are my people. That land and that mindset are never far away, as I carry that red dirt in my heart however far I may roam. My father is the thing that ties this film to me the most, though. I know that one of these days he’ll go out there ahead of me and make a fire in all that dark and all that cold and he’ll be waiting for me. It will be a privilege and a reward to sit with my old man by that fire, not having to say a thing. Until then, we carry on.

What you’ll find in this episode: fate versus self-determination, Cormac McCarthy book recommendations, how spoilers are for sissies, fathers and sons (and uncles), and how to steal two million dollars.

– Cole

Links and Recommendations:
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Our favorite place in west Texas, the Davis Mountains State Park.

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