Episode 081 – They Live

For some reason, whenever I think of They Live (Carpenter, 1988), I remember it as a rip-roaring, good-time kind of movie. Something perfect for summer, perfect for a late night. I probably have that idea because when I first saw it in my teens, I was enthralled by the famous wrestling star I knew, Roddy Piper, that famous catchphrase he improvised, the fight, and the creepy aliens.

When I watch it now, it does not strike me that way at all. The subtext that I did not connect to as a teen, like Reaganomics, yuppies, or the savings and loan crisis, mean so much more to me now. The film continues to speak volumes, and now, as I watch, it is the paranoia and dread that resonate with me. I know the end is coming, and I have to sit with it. These days, it is watching the collaborators explain themselves that cuts through the humor and action like a knife.

I did not realize until doing research for the episode that the film has been co-opted by all sorts of far-right groups to underscore their own brand of hateful paranoia. John Carpenter cut through that garbage simply: “’They Live is about yuppies and unrestrained capitalism…’” He went on to confirm it has nothing to do with a specific group, especially those that become the target of hate, taking over the world. “[That] is slander and a lie.”

We are now covering our third John Carpenter film, which is a total accident. But it is no accident that we have chosen a director who challenges us and our notions of political and moral issues, and when it is right to be paranoid.

What you’ll find in this episode: Cole’s celebrity beef #3567, my celebrity beef on Facebook, and a game of guess the fake wrestling move.

– Ericca

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