Episode 137 – Welcome to the Dollhouse

welcome to the dollhouse

It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty-five years since Todd Solondz blessed us with the hero we didn’t know we needed in Dawn Wiener as we meet her in Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995). Simply put, this changed what I thought was possible with movies about being a kid. I had seen the typical underdog stories before, but never anything so frank. Solondz maintains a careful balance between the dark comedy to be mined from the indignities of middle school and the carefully and sensitively observed, hesitant first steps into adult territory. It’s incredible. And I hope this episode will serve as a reminder to people of its humor, insight, and influence. It opened the door for a lot of your favorites – everything from Napoleon Dynamite to Eighth Grade – to walk through.

Welcome to the Dollhouse is just one reason for celebration with this episode, though. This episode also marks the fifth anniversary of the show! It’s hard to believe we’ve been at it this long. We’ve seen a lot of other shows come and go in the last five years. We’re glad to still be here and still going strong. We appreciate everyone for listening and for all the support for the last five years and we look forward to the next five!

What you’ll find in this episode: bullies, teachers and other petty tyrants, leaving behind footie pajamas for more adult pursuits, joining bad bands, getting into good schools, and drinks in the TV room.

– Cole

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