Episode 148 – Ants In Your Pants of 2020

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Welcome to Ants In Your Pants of 2020! It’s our sixth annual episode in which we reflect on our favorite film discoveries of the past year. We are so glad you joined us for this episode, as it was certainly a very different year for cinema-watching adventures. As always, our lists were culled with much difficulty from all the wonderful films we saw this year, focusing on those we saw for the first time which made the biggest impressions on each of us. We try to go around the world, cover many different decades, and many different stories. There are some well-known classics and some little-seen gems for you to check out. We hope that you continue to share what first-time viewings were among your favorites this year as well. We didn’t set any resolutions or goals for 2021 beyond hopefully getting back into the theatres. Thank you for listening to us throughout 2020!

Cole’s favorites:
The Wind (Sjöström, 1928)
The Phantom of the Convent (de Fuentes, 1934)
Try and Get Me! (Endfield, 1950)
The Mad Fox (Uchida, 1962)
Lemonade Joe (Lipský, 1964)
The Arch (Tang, 1968)
Winnie-the-Pooh (Khitruk, 1969)
Solstice (Ungerer, 1971)
Szindbád (Huszárik, 1971)
The Man Who Planted Trees (Back, 1987)

Ericca’s favorites:
The Monster and the Girl (Heisler, 1941)
Holy Matrimony (Stahl, 1943)
Zazie dans le Métro (Malle, 1960)
The Beast in the Cellar (Kelley, 1971)
Don’t Go to Sleep (Lang, 1982)
The Caller (Seidelman, 1987)
I Saw the Devil (Kim, 2010)
Eega (Rajamouli, Sathyanarayana, 2012)
Clouds of Sils Maria (Assayas, 2014)
Mandy (Cosmatos, 2018)

What you’ll find in this episode: recurring themes, our honorable mentions, and as always our thanks to you, the listener.

– Cole and Ericca

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