Episode 156 – Monsoon Wedding

By special invitation from Mira Nair, we are guests at the raucous, glorious, marigold-covered Monsoon Wedding (2001). Delhi, its sights and sounds, its people, its rains, and its power outages are the setting for the traditional wedding ceremony set to consecrate the arranged marriage of Aditi Verma to Hemant Rai. Family intrigue abounds as old secrets are uncovered, long-time lovers must cherish each other again, and new lovers make an important decision.

We are in excellent hands with Mira Nair, the Golden Lion award-winner and director of several other charming and sensual examinations of culture clashes that I also adore. Though neither Cole nor I felt particularly in the mood to watch a big, boisterous, feel-good film, that is “exactly and approximately” how we felt by the end. There is so much to appreciate here in layered storytelling, musical delights, and characters we come to feel something for. Though, like Cole, you may find other feel-good films to have nothing in them to make you feel good, Monsoon Wedding will not disappoint.

What you’ll find in this episode: the significance of marigolds, which scenes of Delhi were our favorites, how everyone is beautiful in this movie, and how Nair characterizes herself as a director.

– Ericca

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