Episode 034 – Once

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“A little movie called Once gave me enough inspiration to last the rest of the year” – Steven Spielberg (USA Today)

Me too, Steven!

Once (Carney, 2007) came along just when I needed it most (to paraphrase Zelda Fitzgerald). Sometimes it is the quietest, most modest and unassuming work that creates the most profound effect. The music overwhelmed me–the raw emotion, the hope and the despair. The performances charmed me, full of the pleasures found in the smallest moments. There is nothing showy about Once, from the look of it to the direction to the script. I loved, and still love, how a new voice, a new coupling, can alter everything you thought you knew and make you reevaluate your whole perspective. It is alchemy, and it doesn’t happen every day. I hope you fall in love with Once as fully as I did.

What you’ll find in this episode: Cole busts some music making myths and confirms others, Ericca (barely) suppresses her instinct to sing through the whole movie and podcast, how the time of day that you watch a film affects your perception of it, various interpretations of the title, the power and profundity of the bonds formed through music, and a discussion of whether the Guy should have kept the flame alive for the previous Girl (spoiler alert: Cole strongly suggests he should have gotten over it).

– Ericca

Links and Recommendations:
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